Tobacco abuse

Not taking proper care

Drinking acidic liquids like cola

Drinking dark colored liquids like coffee, tea, red wine, etc

Age (this make sthe enamel thinner, thus revealing more of the dentin color)


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Check Thoroughly
Thought teeth whitening is one of the most common cosmetic procedures to be done on a tooth, one have to check properly before they can touch a set of teeth for whitening. If there are any cavities, they need to be treated before this whitening procedure. Receded gums will expose the roots of the teeth and over time, these roots can change color too, as they are also exposed to what the teeth are. However, teeth whitening cannot change the color of the roots. Only your Pearly Whites can be whitened.


Steps Involved

Here are the steps followed by the dentist for a successful teeth whitening procedure:


Check the teeth for cavities and other issues. Get them fixed


Check the teeth for stains and make a note of all the extrinsic stains


Clean the teeth to remove all the deposits, food residues and bacteria build up


The whitening procedure is carried out



Though this procedure can help your teeth get white, one need to ensure they reduce the consumption of color staining foods. This will ensure your teeth are in better health.


Though whitening is a simple procedure that can be done at home itself, one cannot use it very frequently as over usage can cause some irrecoverable damage to the teeth.


If you feel your teeth are yellow in color and can be changed back to white with a whitening procedure, get it checked by a professional. Your dentist can tell you if it will help or not. Getting a home whitening done without consulting a dentist can be very risky as unidentified or unknown cavities can give way for the solution to reach the gums and roots. This will result in more damage than good to the teeth and result in you undergoing more procedures which can also be expensive.

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